IP telephony & schools

What are the ways that IP telephony supports school communication and administrative staff?

Like many people-oriented workplaces, phones are among the most critical communication systems for schools. Without reliable, secure telephony, administrative staff are unable to quickly communicate with teachers, students or implement critical safety plans.

IP telephony supports school communication and administrative staff by offering more flexible, faster communication methods, resulting in improved school safety and reduced phone maintenance costs.

As a result, many schools are turning to cloud-based communication technology to reduce costs, achieve greater efficiency, and improve safety and security.

IP telephony involves incorporating IP voice, video and cloud collaboration solutions. Here’s what it can do to support school communication and administrative staff:

  • With a more streamlined IP voice set-up in place, you will get rid of any upkeep costs on ageing and disparate equipment and your school may be able to eliminate the costs associated with intercom technologies.
  • With lower implementation costs compared to premises-based IP telephony, your school may find pricing costs are more transparent with more upfront pricing structures on offer.
  • Instead of having to wait for a phone service technician to make an on-site visit, your school IT team is able to add and change phone lines to meet staffing needs in a matter of minutes.
  • A multi-language capability will help those who speak different languages to more easily access important school information and resources.

Admin staff needs

Your school administrative staff will want to feel confident about how quickly they can accurately notify on-site and off-site emergency response staff of an event at a school or nearby. IP telephony, thanks to its ability to respond quickly, can put those concerns to rest. 

Boosting admin efficiency

As any busy school administrative member will tell you, they want more time to deal with student and teacher issues on a day to day basis including responding to enquiries that require a swift response. IP telephony can help with this by: 

  • Offering integrated and unified messaging which will help teachers, staff and principals be more productive and responsive to time-sensitive inquiries.
  • IP telephony solutions which provide access to advanced features, functions and applications. For example, schools want innovative ways to further empower teachers, staff and principals with technology that is both relevant to their working environment and easy to use.
  • IP phones and applications can give admin staff the power to communicate and collaborate simply and conveniently with students, parents, colleagues and other administrators in the classroom, while mobile on school grounds and even from home.

To find out more about IP telephony for your school, speak with one of our education specialists.