What business wants

How business telephone systems are changing with Telstra Next IP is based on what many businesses say they want in 2018. They want simple solutions to finding the right network which can provide them with the right mix of cloud, video, and mobility applications and more bandwidth. As well, organisations have expressed a need for a network’s end-to-end capabilities.

The Telstra Next IP Network is the largest fully integrated national wireless and wireline IP network in Australia. Integrated with the Telstra Mobile Network, businesses will be able to reach 99 per cent of the Australian population, the largest geographic coverage of any network.

Briefly, the network has six significant benefits which shows you how business telephone systems are changing with Telstra Next IP:

  • Superior coverage with global reach
  • One network to do it all
  • A network providing peace of mind in relation to reliability and security
  • Innovation and technical leadership
  • Intelligence and visibility
  • People and expertise

Reliable network

You’d be well aware that the way businesses are communicating with their clients and customers is fast changing and that’s why many Australian companies want to connect with a reliable network that has the capacity to carry large volumes of data.

Telstra Next IP wants Australian businesses to know that:

  • It is more than just a connection.
  • It is an IP network with embedded access to future cloud environments, collaboration tools and applications.
  • It is a network which offers world-class solutions to keep businesses at the forefront of technology innovation
  • It is among the world’s most powerful and reliable with a core target availability of 99.999 per cent, and more than 2000 Points of Presence (PoPs) in 230 countries and territories across the globe.

Full visibility

Business telephone systems are changing with Telstra Next IP as it will give businesses full visibility of what is happening within your network, and tools to optimise and prioritise as you see fit. It is offering solutions to keep businesses at the forefront of technology innovation.

How business telephone systems can change with Telstra Next IP:

  • Bandwidth on demand
  • A network as a service
  • Modifiable configuration
  • Virtual routers, firewalls and other services
  • Service delivered in minutes

Azentro have been installing, maintaining and consulting on business telephone systems for decades. Ask them how the Telstra Next IP solution can fit into your business here.