Online risks

The ongoing debacle facing Facebook over revelations that millions of Australian individuals’ personal information has been mined by third parties has put network security in the spotlight and many are now questioning corporate responsibility when it comes to these sensitive issues. Those looking at incorporating more advanced telecommunication systems are also curious about greater security for IP networks.

Scams and cybercrime still on rise

In 2017, figures show that business scams in Australia were up more than 30 per cent on the previous year and 47,000 cyber crime incidents were identified – a 15 per cent increase on 2016 figures.

Security is legislated

There is plenty you can do about greater security for IP networks, and there are now legislative considerations.

The call for IP networks to provide businesses with a secure network is a given. Many Australian businesses are now aware that new laws are in place across the nation, where large companies governed by the Privacy Act face a hefty fine of up to more than $2 million if they do not tell their customers if they have been the subject of a cyber security breach.

The new legislation means organisations who determine they have been breached or have lost data will need to report the incident to the Privacy Commissioner and notify affected customers as soon as they become aware of a breach. Such information includes personal details, credit reporting information, credit eligibility information, and tax file number information.

The notification must include a description of the data breach, the kind of information involved, and how customers should respond to the security incident.

What you can do about is ask your IP network provider what protections they offer. Telstra’s Next IP network is one we recommend as it offers greater security.

Security & Telstra Next IP network

Telstra’s Next IP network’s focus on security is backed by its ISO 27001 certification, giving businesses confidence that security considerations cover physical, logical and procedural aspects.

Telstra’s security operations centre is maximum security ASIO T4-certified for better connection in a digital future.

The Telstra Next IP network is a closed circuit Private IP VPN. This means customer and business traffic starts and ends on its network and every hop is managed while the traffic is in transit. More importantly for business, no traffic ever transverses the internet, and internet users are not even aware of the customer VPN.

The multiple layers of security include:

  • Physical – facilities are secured and access is strictly via authorised personnel only
  • Logical – the telco’s Config Generator maintains and tracks network configurations. Only authenticated Telstra users can access network elements.
  • Procedural – The global operations centre manages the network by monitoring national and world events that could create demands on the network.

To find out more about the Telstra Next IP network and security for your business, speak with one of our ICT consultants or download this eBook “Why Telstra Next IP” here.