The HealthCare Industry globally, and certainly in Australia, is destined to grow significantly over the next five years due to :-

  • People living longer and having higher expectations in terms
    of the level  and availability of care irrespective of location.
  • Government legislation and community expectations on
    the type of care available.
  • Commitments to funding levels to support continued improvement of HealthCare Services nationally.

Basically to accommodate this inevitable growth and sophistication of Healthcare, all stakeholders are committed to the following :-

  • Cost reductions over current practice
  • Improved ‘Duty of Care” and safer outcomes for all
    Residents and Patients.
  • A more relaxed, simpler and enjoyable life style for all
    Residents and Patients.
  • Better Productivity of Carers and Nursing Staff and
    a more enjoyable working environment.

So what are the answers to these non negotiable outcomes placed on the HealthCare Industry ?

  • HealthCare Technology to deliver cost savings in all area
  • HealthCare Technology to deliver safer Patient and
    Resident outcomes
  • HealthCare Technology to deliver a simple, enjoyable non invasive life style for all Staff, Residents and Patients.
  • HealthCare Technology that enables accurate measurement of activities, mobility of assets and people and sophisticated timely reporting with escalation as specified in advance.

Our Team

The Azentro HealthTech Team is committed to delivering these outcomes through best practice technology integrated into a bespoke seamless HealthTech Solution.

Our services include but are not limited to Audits, Design, Sales, Implementation, Training, Upgrades, Expansions and  a Managed Service approach to maintenance.

In conjunction with the HealthTech Teams focus on HealthCare Technology we engage with other Azentro Specialist Teams to include elements of Collaboration, Mobility, Carriage and Service.

The more we can do for our Customers the simpler and more effective the Technology utilisation becomes for our valued Customers. This philosophy distances us from our would be competitors as well.

This exciting HealthTech journey is just beginning and has no end in sight !

Azentro HealthTech Solutions

Nurse Call Systems

Wireless (ISM) and IP Nurse Call systems or combination of both
suit individual client’s nurse call
requirements. SmartCaller are
NDIS accredited.

Nurse Call that is fast, direct and provides informed communication between residents and carers, is the basis of the foundation of quality residential care. Carers have the information and tools they need to respond quickly, and to meet resident’s needs in a timely manner.

Informed Staff decision making

Comprehensive reporting functionality with configurable KPIs will provide detailed insights into the facility/staff operations and highlight any resourcing challenges.

Multiple filters allow customisable reports

  • Reports can be run on rule-based exceptions, such as response times exceeding set parameters, or can be based on nurse call alarm type, specific rooms, particular dates, or by rule-based exceptions.
  • Automatic emailing of these reports at regular or set intervals and in all formats.
  • Nursing unit managers are able to make informed decisions in the day-to-day running of their facilities, and can access valuable data which helps guide strategic planning discussions.
RTLS Inbuilt Real-time Locating System

Bluetooth locators inbuilt into ISM or IP Nurse Call Points can automatically identify and track the location of residents and staff in and Aged Care Facility in real time, including “gatekeeper” wing or perimeter protection.

Wireless RTLS tags are attached to objects or worn by people, and fixed reference points (call points) receive wireless signals from tags or wearables to determine their location. Graphic Displays provide staff with realtime locations and updates on residents and staff locations.

Automatic Staff Pin Point Room Presence – allows detailed Presence logging and reporting (date, time and duration of attendance to different types of resident’s alarm) of one or more staff members or service providers.

Access Control

Azentro HelathTech supply and support high Tech quality Access Control Systems for Gated Communities, Aged Care Facilities. Education, Mining and Business Our Access Control Systems can be integrated into Nurse Call Systems and RFID or RTLS Tracking.   


Azentro have many years experience designing and installing Wi-Fi for a very broad spectrum of customers. Our Wi-Fi is designed for optimum coverage and performance with World class levels of Security.

IP Surveillance (Facial Recognition)

Our range of IP Cameras multi task utilising backend Software performing Number Plate and Facial Recognition. Upon a particular trigger the system can perform a variety of tasks such as close Gates, Lock Doors or purely perform a series of alerting.


Azentro’s HelathTech team of highly skilled and knowledgeable staff can assist with almost any type of Telecommunication requirement. We have many years experience in Communication platforms such as Mobile Technology, Wireless or Satellite. Our expert staff discuss your requirement, procure the appropriate product then Project Manage it right through to Service Activation and Commissioning.

Patient / Resident Entertainment

IPTV is the secure and reliable delivery of interactive resident information and entertainment, video, live streams and related services across an IP data network. These services may include, for example, encoded streams, broadcast TV, Video On Demand (VOD) and interactive TV. These services are delivered across a network using the IP protocol to transport the audio, video and control signals, securely delivering them to smart TVs, media players, set top boxes, mobile devices, laptops, macs/pc and thin clients.

IPTV broadly encompasses a rich functionality that ranges from the acquisition, encoding and decoding, access control and management of video content, to the delivery of digital TV, movies on demand, viewing of stored programming, personalised program guides, and a host of interactive and multimedia services.

GPON - Gigabit Passive Optical Network

GPON delivers the highest speed, longest life, lowest cost network infrastructure available in the market. This provides a genuine future‐ready access network with flexibility and upgrade capability well into the future.

This high bandwidth, power saving, green technology which is being utilised in a wide range of businesses, including mining camps, hotels and multi-dwelling accommodation, retirement villages, residential and commercial developments, corporate and high-rise buildings and government agencies.

Azentro HealthTech Partners

Azentro HealthTech partner with Technology Leaders.


Azentro HealthTech are proactive in producing media showing how the future technology in the Healthcare industrty continues to grow.