If you need data about vehicle performance and activities, you need telematics solutions. Telematics is an umbrella term for a system that collects data from a mobile device and sends it back to a surveillance hub for recording and analysing.

Here’s how telematics is used with mobile assets such as a vehicle fleet, and how it can enhance business productivity.

See the real picture with telematics solutions

Telematics is a digital information system based on satellite-connected sensors installed in a mobile asset like a car or truck. These sensors monitor location, fuel usage, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics and mileage.

The information is transmitted to a central software monitoring hub that helps fleet managers do their jobs better. Want to know how long a hired Ute spends sitting in the car park rather than out on the road? Telematics will show you whether you’re getting value for money from your fleet policy. How far does an employee travel in their car each day and how much fuel do they use? With telematics, you can track mileage and fuel use.

However, distance travelled isn’t always an indication of value. Telematics can record destinations as well, showing you that even though a vehicle only travels 10km daily, those five or six trips are vital to the business.

Telematics Solutions for Mobile Assets / Azentro Voice Vision Data

ATO compliant electronic logbook

Apart from recording vehicle information for real-time business decision-making, the Teletrac Navman Wireless system from Azentro Telematics also takes the hassle out of keeping vehicle logs for tax purposes.

Teletrac Navman includes a logbook that’s automatically filled in by the vehicle’s telematics. This has the approval of the Australian Tax Office for recording, calculating and submitting FBT for vehicles.

Smart sensors record speed and maintenance status

Teletrac Navman records vehicle speed and maintenance status as well, thanks to sensors built into the vehicle. It can record when your vehicles travel on non-gazetted roads and set geo sensors to alert when a vehicle travels beyond a boundary, such as city limits or state lines.

If a driver is driving erratically, the Navman will alert the monitoring hub. It could mean your driver needs training. If they’re driving outside the legal number of hours in a time period, this will also be recorded by telematics.

Because telematics uses satellite communication, you can monitor, manage and contact your fleet in remote areas outside mobile coverage areas.

To find out how telematics can increase your vehicle fleet productivity, contact us.

Telematics Solutions for Mobile Assets / Azentro Voice Vision Data