Fleet telematics systems are increasingly how businesses monitor the performance and costs of their vehicles. Thanks to telematics, any part of a vehicle that can have a sensor attached, from the speedo to the fuel gauge, can collect data for tracking and analysis.

Here’s how our Teletrac Navman management system uses telematics to drive value and efficiencies in business fleets.

Teletrac Navman fleet telematics systems

The Teletrac Navman system saves business owners time and money by showing in real time where a vehicle is and what it’s doing. The system can:

  • Locate a vehicle and monitor time spent at a location.
  • Automatically record deliveries.
  • Send the most direct routes to drivers,
  • Provide two-way instant messaging between base and driver.

Teletrac Navman relays data to a browser-based display, showing vehicle location and driver activity data. Equipped with satellite communication, the Teletrac Navman lets businesses monitor, manage and contact fleet even outside mobile coverage areas.

The GPS-equipped system calculates the most direct route to a location and transmits it to the vehicle. This means drivers save on time and fuel, whether they’re delivering freight or travelling to meet a client.

Fleet Telematics Systems: Driving Value and Efficiencies / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

Telematics benefits and support

The benefits of having more fleet data include:

  • Complete transparency on vehicle usage.
  • Fuel savings due to better navigation.
  • Time savings on deliveries and travel.
  • Improved customer service with fewer delays.
  • Improved driver performance.
  • Integrated use with office platforms.
  • Satellite communication.
  • Peace of mind.

Teletrac Navman information is useful for deciding when to service a vehicle, or to review a fleet policy. Knowing how often vehicles are used and how far they travel, plus when and where, makes it easier to plan the fleet type and size.

Interestingly, driver performance has been shown to improve after fleet telematics systems are installed, since harsh braking and speeding are recorded in the log and warnings can be delivered about correct vehicle use.

At Azentro Telematics, we support 25 regional councils using the Teletrac Navman system for their fleet management. Find out how to integrate Teletrac Navman fleet telematics into your business by contacting our team.

Fleet Telematics Systems: Driving Value and Efficiencies / Azentro / Voice Vision Data