Accountability is key

Anyone in the transport industry knows that fleet management and tracking needs to be spot-on. How do you achieve that? The right technology is key.

With the best platform solutions, your company will operate more efficiently and productively as you and your team will be able to oversee and manage all aspects of the business.

All bases covered

Finding the right built-in vehicle and management platform, so that every aspect of compliance and fleet management is covered to suit your needs, is paramount. Regardless of whether your fleet is large, medium or small.

The right solution

Centralised software like Teletrac Navman will enable you to run your operations from the one place.  Covering everything from fleet management to driver administration as well as overseeing all aspects of compliance ad audit reporting.

Fleet management & tracking for the transport industry / Azentro Voice Vision Data

It’s all here

All the requirements in relation to fleet management and tracking for the transport industry include:

  • Compliance applications covering fatigue, maintenance, speed and mass;
  • Built-in systems to help you manage staff and organise vehicle safety checks;
  • An alerting system which can help single out risky driver behaviour (while also preventing it from becoming the norm) and keep you informed about what is occurring on the road;
  • Set up alerts for fatigue violations, failed checklists and vehicle maintenance schedules;
  • Instant communication to drivers, thanks to a built-in messaging system;
  • Integrate with a freight management system to allow for instant understanding of job management within the one system, with workflow being taken into account.
  • A comprehensive tracking system with key actions such as address searches, tracking replays, vehicle status, map views and more.

Driver safety vital

As anyone in charge of an Australian fleet transport business will tell you, knowing that their vehicles are properly maintained, loaded and that driver safety (including making sure your drivers are not being on the road for too long) gives them confidence and reassurance that their fleet is being managed efficiently.

This means productivity is more than likely to be boosted as the transport company is able to respond quickly to changing customer requirements, while keeping its drivers and vehicles safe on routes it has found to be the most efficient.

To find out more about fleet management and tracking for the transport industry, speak with one of our ICT consultants here.

Fleet management & tracking for the transport industry / Azentro Voice Vision Data