On-road challenges

If your business involves managing a fleet of vehicles, you know how challenging this can be. It can be almost impossible to try and keep track of everything required such as scheduled maintenance and associated costs.  While there are many fleet management solutions on the market and many have their strengths, here’s why we chose Teletrac Navman: we believe it ticks all the boxes.

Fleet software solutions

Essentially, fleet management software is there to perform a range of tasks concerning all the vehicles your business is using. Its overarching aim is to help your enterprise work more efficiently in ways such as: keeping your drivers accountable, reducing costs, improving outcomes, minimising maintenance costs, improving driver safety and much more. Fleet management software ought to be useful to any company, large or small, which involves vehicles and deliveries of goods.

Powerful system

We chose Teletrac Navman for many reasons, the primary one being that it is a powerful fleet management system that offers a full view of your fleet’s operations.

Great capabilities

Here’s what we have discovered about the Teletrac Navman and its wide-ranging capabilities:

  • It monitors your vehicle fleet from near and far and covers location tracking, maintenance records and fuel consumption;
  • It allows you or your management team to monitor workforce activities from the road, from afar, or from the office;
  • Its vehicle mapping tracks vehicles and equipment immediately;
  • Its communication tools are fast, reliable and can be audited;
  • Its software allows for a connected workflow where compliance is automated and so is dispatching. It is important to note here that not all fleet management software offers this and it is a significant point of difference – the Teletrac Navman offers real-time information which helps each link in the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) remain compliant.

Fleet management software – why we chose Teletrac Navman / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

Compliance champion

The Teletrac Navman’s CoR, in turn, will motivate your drivers to improve their on-road behaviour and even possibly manage their own compliance; this can have a beneficial flow-on effect where your costs are reduced thanks to fewer fines, potentially fewer accidents and less vehicle damage. Plus, it’s a great way for management to give positive feedback to their drivers.

Safety features

Some of the safety features in the Teletrac Navman software includes a driver scorecard where the software provides observations about driving trends and share driver performance reports. These could include observing dangerous habits and hazardous driving incidents in real-time with the ability to replay the event so you can show your drivers what they are doing. The software also has an-on road driving training aid and alerts can be customised so you can react promptly to a variety of unforeseen situations.

KPI indicator

Last but not least, this fleet management software will allow your senior team to track the fleet’s most important KPIs. Like we said, this Teletrac Navman system ticks all the boxes.

To find out more about Teletrac Navman for your fleet business, speak with our ICT consultants here or download this eBook here on GPS Tracking here.

Fleet management software – why we chose Teletrac Navman / Azentro / Voice Vision Data