As technology advances every year, new ways of doing things infiltrate our lives and our businesses. That’s good news for healthcare as developments in information gathering, communication, software and patient care, are becoming more readily available so that you can feel confident your healthcare facility can support your patient’s needs.

Meeting our population’s needs
As the 2016 Census shows, our population is getting older with one in six Australians aged over 65. This means healthcare technology in hospitals, aged-care centres and retirement homes can help meet their needs now and in the future, though there are challenges ahead.

Complexity is unavoidable in providing a multi-faceted and inclusive approach to meeting the health system needs of Australia’s many and varied residents.

Spending on health in Australia (recurrent and capital expenditure combined) was $161.6 billion in 2014–15, $4.4 billion (2.8 per cent) higher in real terms than in 2013–14. There’s little doubt that those figures will continue to escalate in following years.

The right technology
Telcos like our partner Telstra are investing heavily in healthcare for one fundamental reason: the need is there and it’s expected to keep growing. Indeed, predictions are that total healthcare expenditure is set to double in the next decade.

Operational efficiency
It’s recognised within healthcare that there is a growing need to improve the quality of healthcare while maintaining the operational efficiency of health organisations, while also trying to meet financial budgets and reduce overheads. One of the best ways to achieve this is to incorporate the right technology to support your needs but also in the future.

Obstacles to overcome
While there is much to commend within our healthcare system, there are still gaps, according to various reports which have examined healthcare technology. They’ve found that the eHealth market consists of many worthwhile but disconnected technologies. What needs to be better understood is the right technology to support your needs is here now and that includes systems that will connect, not disconnect.

“The right technology to support your needs is here now”

What to consider

Each healthcare institution will have different technology needs and of course this can be rather daunting if you’re a large hospital, for example.

But rather than feel overwhelmed by having to meet the needs of each department, it’s reassuring to know that our health care solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • IP nurse call systems
  • Wireless nurse call systems
  • Patient/resident wandering systems
  • RFID (radio frequency identification)
  • Unified event communication platforms
  • HD video conferencing for telehealth
  • IP PABX hospital phone systems
  • IP CCTV systems
  • Access control systems
  • IP monitoring using best practice
  • Digital day/night cameras
  • Telephony

New technology is designed to connect different requirements together and make it easier to find information, share it and collaborate.  Helping healthcare staff to make their workload easier while improving patient care at the same time. To find out more about healthcare technology and ways to connect your communications whether it be data, voice or video, speak with one of our technical consultants here.

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