Communication systems
When it comes to businesses in the competitive and demanding hospitality industry, staff need to have access to up-to-date communication systems and that include phone system solutions that enhance guest safety.

Guest safety paramount
Guest safety (and employee safety) is obviously something that every business needs to think about, and one of the best ways to ensure a prompt response is to have phone system solution that does just that.

What to look for
What are the best ways to ensure that? When looking at phone system solutions, consider these points:

  • Look for a system which has an alarm management solution that deploys immediate emergency notifications to designated staff to ensure the safety of your guests and your facility.
  • Does the phone system you are considering integrate with mobile communication solutions?
  • To ensure guest safety your phone system solution needs to have the capacity to quickly integrate with property management systems (PMS)
  • Consider what emergency management solutions are in place that protect guests and staff and how that will be incorporated into your phone system.
  • Your phone system must include customer-centered information to your staff so they can react quickly and effectively to guests. .
  • Ensure your phone system solution also has an alarm monitoring and critical alerting operator console; smartphone and tablet messaging emergency notification and incident communications to enhance guest safety in hospitality.

Employee and guest safety is important to every business.  The speed at which your business handles safety procedures can be the difference between life and death. There are many safety applications, monitoring tools and reporting software that can make these processes much easier for businesses, especially in hospitality.  Knowing which ones ensure your compliance with OHS standards and Work place safety is what we specialise in.

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