Navigating new healthcare technologies is a big and sometimes daunting responsibility for hospital, aged care and retirement home leaders. One of the issues many of them would need to examine in healthcare technology is – are all Nurse Call systems the same?

No, not all Nurse Call systems are the same. A good Nurse Call system needs to have a focus and that means it needs to greatly boost the workflow and efficiency of caregivers while also dealing with growing demands within the healthcare environment. That includes system growing patient numbers and the ever-present pressure on budgets.

What a good Nurse Call system looks like
It needs to provide the most up-to-date technology for efficient communications tasks and that will cover areas such as responding to patient calls, updating patient information in real-time and routine checks. It’s also important they it be compliant to industry standards, including AS3811.

Part of the communications tasks you will want a top Nurse Call system to do is have the ability to  integrate smartphones, paging, wireless and VOIP telephony, ward signs, large screen information boards, email, patient entertainment terminals and duress systems. As well, you would want it to have software that can help with boosting workflow productivity efficiencies and improved resident safety.

Make sure the Nurse Call system you are looking at is modular, scalable, affordable and are easily upgradeable via software licences keys enabling heterogeneous connectivity to legacy hospital or aged care infrastructure such as Fire Panels, Access Control, Wi-Fi, RFID, Alarm Servers, Building Management, Billing Systems, Wandering Patient, DECT, Vocera and mobile telephones.

You’ll also appreciate one with IP and 900Mhz wireless ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) wireless technologies that can offer the most flexible, affordable and reliable solutions.

“At the core of the right Nurse Call system is that it boost efficiency while also reducing costs”

What some of our partners offer
One of the best communications solutions is Smart-Caller. It offers best-practice Nurse Call solutions to nursing homes, hospitals, domestic and self-care. It has current IT solutions where proven IP, VoIP (SIP) Wi-Fi play a big part in the overall system design.

A critical factor for any healthcare facility is providing security, whether that be an emergency situation such as an evacuation or a fire. A system that ties in with all Nurse Call applications is Mobicall. It can handle all Nurse Call, emergency calls, intrusion and fire detection systems. Other areas it deals with are lone worker protection and tracking.

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