Advantages of healthcare technology
A holistic healthcare journey which incorporates healthcare technology to improve patient recovery
– technology solutions for health – can result in numerous positive outcomes.

Shortening recovery times and helping patients return to health delivers both physiological and psychological benefits, and this can be done with the right healthcare technology solutions which cover everything from better communication systems such as telephony and nurse call systems to improved patient recovery, security and staff safety.

Need to streamline
Many healthcare establishments such as hospitals, aged care facilities and retirement homes need streamlined, effective, modern, comprehensive systems to facilitate both staff and customers. In a world that’s now digital, how do you connect technologies to boost your healthcare facilities?

Benefits of healthcare technology
The introduction of healthcare technology in the Australian healthcare system is both positive for the patient’s recovery and the healthcare institution’s costs. For example, research shows that patients who return to work after a short-term disability-causing illness or injury have faster recoveries, improved mental health as well as overall greater quality of life.

Faster recovery benefits
Faster recovery also means the patient will likely consume fewer care resources, which reduces a hospital or healthcare system’s overall costs and positively affects any risk-bearing payment. And that’s very necessary as predictions are that total healthcare expenditure in Australia is set to double in the next decade.

A full recovery also means that the patient is unlikely to return to the hospital for issues concerning the same procedure or illness within a month, which can carry a three per cent penalty on Medicare reimbursements.

Better connection for patients and staff
Healthcare technology to improve patient recovery – technology solutions for health, which is one of our areas of expertise, can encompass integrated voice and nurse-call technology solutions which can be adapted to suit the requirements of your institution. This will mean your staff is better connected and will be able to manage incidents effectively and efficiently, ensuring the best possible residential care. We’re leaders in delivering best practice strategy, solutions and support for future thinking healthcare.

This emphasis on technology solutions for health will assist you in providing the best possible patient care available today while boosting your information flow, response time and most importantly, patients’ recovery.

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