Living longer
The next generation of Australians will most likely be the one to reach 100 or older– and it will be considered the new normal. This is thanks to many things but of course one of them is a Healthcare system that has its faults but is also one we ought to be proud of. As for Healthcare technology and the future – what we can expect – is many promising developments, initiatives and technologies to make life for both clients and medical staff far better.

Industry response
A recent conference on Healthcare technology and the future in Australia found that the key for businesses working in the Healthcare industry was how they responded to the challenges posed by the rapid growth in technology.

Such potential
This is an industry where there is so much opportunity thanks to technology. What’s on offer will give medical professionals remote, real-time access to in-depth patient health data. This allows for better monitoring, remote diagnosis, quicker response times and more.

The technology that provides much of it is already here. A central theme of Healthcare technology and the future – what we can expect – is how innovative will your Healthcare facility be?

Healthcare is 10 per cent of Australia’s GDP – $154 billion is spent annually. There are 610,000 health practitioners, 1300 hospitals, 350,000 nurses and midwives. It is a significant part of the Australian economy.

Industry needs uniformity
There are still sectors of the Healthcare system which aren’t quite aware of how widespread the impact of Healthcare technology in the future will be.

Experts believe we will see more medical and health professionals supported by mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices. As well, more apps will be used in the future which will focus on areas such as nutrition, weight loss and health education. We will also see the use of 3D printers to reproduce human parts such as ears, cartilage and muscles.

Data delivers
Those in the field of Healthcare technology also believe we will be far more reliant on data than we are now. We will use data for more information on customer behaviour to future predictions and we will most likely become far more used to the use of artificial intelligence.

Healthcare industry needs to adapt
Despite these promising developments, there has been criticism within the Healthcare industry that health organisations aren’t adapting to these changes and there is a lack of connectivity between these systems.

This is unfortunate as Healthcare technology has the potential to benefit clients and staff with better systems in areas such as telephony, nurse call systems, security, IT and so forth.

By 2020 experts predict many tremendous Healthcare technologies will be available. The only question is: will your Healthcare facility be a part of it?

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