We all know most Australians are living longer these days. With that comes the need for suitable healthcare as our population ages. In the healthcare sector covering hospitals, aged care facilities and retirement homes what healthcare solutions are available?

Healthcare solutions
There are plenty of healthcare solutions available and healthcare technology is an area in the nation’s health sector that is only going to go from strength to strength in the coming decades: in other words it’s showing no signs of slowing down. But has your healthcare facility kept up with the latest healthcare solutions available?

What healthcare solutions are available? These are just a few:

  • Audiovisual
  • Contact centres
  • Installation and maintenance
  • IP Nurse Call systems
  • IP telephony
  • IP video surveillance
  • Machine 2 machine communications
  • Microsoft certified solutions
  • Mobile device management
  • Software licensing

Value of smart IT and communications
We’ve all seen the headlines saying our healthcare system, though second to none compared to many countries, is being stretched. There is constant pressure on budgets – and preventing them from going through the roof.

Up-to-date IT and communications – especially in this era of mobile phones and cloud technology – boosts efficiency and reduced costs, while not sacrificing the quality of care.

“Up-to-date IT and communications – especially in this era of mobile phones and cloud technology – boosts efficiency

Nurse Call system
One healthcare solution that can greatly help the workflow and efficiency of caregivers is a Nurse Call system. This is done by integrating smartphones, paging, wireless and VOIP telephony, ward signs, large screen information boards, email, patient entertainment terminals and duress systems.

We know which Nurse Call systems work in different environments and situations.  Our partner, Smart-Caller is a one stop healthcare communication solution.  In conjunction with Smart-Caller we provide easy to use solutions that offer extensive reporting and software capabilities providing significant workflow productivity efficiencies and improved resident safety.

The right Nurse Call system improves your workflow efficiency and call bell response time, significantly improving patient satisfaction.

Patient and employee security
To improve the security of patients and employees, many clinics want the right security cameras to monitor critical areas in the healthcare facility. Our partner, Mobotix, is a specialist in this field.

An example of how this works is – night-time gates. With less staff on at night, the idea was developed to use technology to centralise the evening personnel at one of three locations. The capacity that would be freed up this way could be invested in the day shift, which has had to master an ever-increasing number of tasks.

Patient safety
Another challenge faced by the healthcare industry is to take care of patients during unforeseen evacuations or other emergencies. During these times, it is important that key people are able to stay in touch effectively to protect patients. Our partner, MobiCall, is able to monitor automated alerts or alarms of medical, clinical or other systems and devices, and is able to respond to these alerts in seconds, potentially saving lives.

To find out more about healthcare centre technology and what healthcare solutions will work most effectively in your facility, please speak with one of our technical consultants here.

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