Healthcare goes digital

Although there have been so many fantastic discoveries and improvements in modern medicine over the years, the industry still has some catching up to do when it comes to embracing the digital age. Many healthcare facilities across the board need a greater awareness in relation to eHealth technology solutions.

How Healthcare is evolving

For those who may be aware of eHealth but don’t fully understand its implications, some of the major advantages of eHealth includes greater accessibility, mass dissemination, reduction in health costs, increased interactivity and tailoring of content to increase consumer engagement. Some healthcare institutions in regional and rural areas may find it beneficial too as it can assist those who are isolated.

In recent decades, there has been a growing emphasis for institutions of every type to focus on better patient treatment, safety and the patients’ return into the community.

Whether you’re making real-time decisions in a hospital emergency ward, managing outpatient care or facilitating long-term assisted living, there is a plethora of technology designed around these requirements.

“This focus on technology will help you to provide the best possible patient care”

The right tools

There is much to consider with choosing the right solution based on your requirements and patient care.  Things to consider are:

  • Develop a working relationship with an IT specialist like us in healthcare who already have the knowledge, expertise and understanding. We are able to show you how to best incorporate various technologies based on your unique requirements.
  • The focus on technology will help you to provide the best possible patient care while increasing your information flow, response time and most importantly, patients and residents’ safety
  • To manage the growing demands required in customer-oriented healthcare you may consider Unified Communications (UC), which can bring together the best practice integration of voice, vision and data technologies. These could include UC in instant messaging (chat), presence information, voice (including IP telephony), mobility features, audio, web and video conferencing
  • Coordinate staff more effectively with the right technology solutions. Some of these include: Evacuation; fire intrusion, technical and IT alarms;  crisis and disaster management and lone worker protection
  • High-resolution video systems providing video surveillance, patient meetings to reduce travel, training and specialist communications regarding patient care.


Why technology matters

One of the main reasons eHealth is about improving health in Australia is that the flow-on effect in the day to day running of customer care can be significant. Some areas of improvement would include: 

  • More personalised patient care
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Streamlined routine checks
  • Finding the right clinicians faster.

There is a lot to consider with eHealth technology solutions.  To find out more about healthcare technology and how it could benefit your business, speak with our Healthcare technology experts here.

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